Combo builds Spanish tax practice

Combo of Roca Junyent and Segarra de Figarolas forges tax practice and expansion of services in Spain.

Miguel Roca Junyent Roca Junyent

Segarra de Figarolas law firm has joined Roca Junyent, integrating the twelve professionals of the firm’s specialist tax law office. The integration agreement was signed in Barcelona, and the whole cohort will move to Roca Junyent's corporate headquarters in Barcelona on 31st October.

Tax specialists

Segarra de Figarolas, with their headquarters based in the Catalan capital, was founded in 1997 by Àngel Segarra and Joan de Figarolas. Since its inception, the firm, made up of lawyers and economists, has focused on tax and commercial advice. Joan de Figarolas joined Roca Junyent as a new fee partner, while Àngel Segarra joined as of counsel. Roca Junyent's tax division is made up of 26 professionals led by partners Jordi Guarch, Blanca Usón, Raúl Salas and Joan Iglesias, who provide solutions to clients' needs in the areas of business taxation, Tax Wealth Management, M&A transaction taxation, transfer pricing and tax litigation. The firm says this agreement reaffirms Roca Junyent's commitment to promoting strategic incorporations that complement the firm's current team, making it more mainstream.

Spanish expansion

The move also continues Roca Junyent’s growth strategy in new markets and expansion across Spain; in Andalusia (Malaga and Seville), Madrid, Barcelona, the Basque Country (Bilbao) and Castilla y León (Burgos and Valladolid), in addition to Girona, Lleida , Tarragona and Palma de Mallorca. Roca Junyent currently has a staff of 210 professionals at the service of its clients.

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