Election lawyers defend Kenya results

Lawyers representing Kenya's Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission have defended the election of Uhuru Kenyatta, maintaining that the IEBC conducted a free, fair and democratic election.

Kenya: election dispute

At a petition challenging the election, commission lawyer Nani Mungai said opponents of Mr Kenyatta were trying to confuse Kenyans and force and re-run of the election. He claimed that the petitioners’ lawyers were attempting to undermine the IEBC in their quest to have their client – Prime Minister Raila Odinga – get into power.

Second bite

Mr Mungai told Kenyan news website Capital FM: ‘They need to claw just 8,400 votes from Kenyatta and if they do, there is a re-run. So we have a petitioner who uses clever interpretation to (confuse) Kenyans just so that he can get a second bite at the cherry.’
Mr Mungai added that allegations against the IEBC relating to the use of different registers to aid the Jubilee candidate to win the election were false. He said that the petitioners failed to consider people with special needs such as those without hands or biometric features who are registered under a special register.

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