03 Aug 2015

Facebook in talks with 30 governments on drones but awaits rulebook

A lack of regulation appears to be holding back a Facebook initiative that could soon provide internet access to millions of people in Africa and other locations which are still off the web network.


Facebook is ready for full-scale testing of an Aquila drone that will provide broadband coverage in African countries and others which currently lack coverage. However, the lack of readiness of the US rulebook - being prepared by the Federal Aviation Authority - is holding back developments. 

Wingspan of passenger plane

For internet laser drones - the technology to be used - there is a 'near-complete lack of any such regulation'. The first test flight of the Aquila, which has the wingspan of a Boeing 737 and could fly at altitudes of up to 90,000 feet, is expected to take place in 2016. 


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Source:  Newsy