General Electric creates external law firm ratings

General Electric has launched a service allowing its internal lawyers to rate their external legal advisers.

GE has introduced ratings for its external lawyers rawpixel

GE Select Connect  will provide its in-house team with insight on around 200 law firms as well as feedback on the firms, hourly rates, discounts and diversity issues. Headed up by associate general counsel Dan Hendy, the internal site allows them to search for 'preferred providers' - giving them a range of options when looking for external advice including utilising metrics which the company has gathered. It also allows GE lawyers to rate their external counsel, with a choice of smiley face, neutral face or sad face to illustrate the service provided by the external law firm adviser as well as selecting descriptions such as 'too expensive' or 'non-responsive' from a word bank.  The website is available to 800 in-house lawyers. 

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