Indonesia considers ethics test for foreign lawyers

The Indonesian advocates association, Peradi, is to decide by the end of this month if it will require foreign lawyers to take an ethics test.

Aleksandar Todorovic

If the test becomes a requirement, the 50 to 60 foreign lawyers based in the state will have to reconsider their approach. The test might be administered in the Indonesian language, Bahasa Indonesia. One foreign lawyer told The Financial Times: 'It seems like another protectionist measure but it’s absurd given that we’re not allowed to practice Indonesian law. Not many of us are fluent in Indonesian so if this proposal is enforced, many would have to leave.'

'Fair treatment of all'

Otto Hasibuan, chair of Peradi, which regulates the profession hand in hand with the government, told the FT that the proposal would result in 'fair treatment for all', since local lawyers would also have to sit the exam.

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