Law firms must face up to the millennial challenge

At a time when clients are demanding more for less, firms are having to contend with millennial lawyers and their different priorities, including a more balanced life.

Law firms must work to utilise their millennials

Demographics are forcing law firms to be more flexible as a generational shift in the workplace presents urgent challenges for law firm management, the co-head of innovation at Clyde & Co says. Writing for Canadian Lawyer, Carolena Gordon says that whilst  the younger generation is more focused on the importance of agile working, balancing career and family, being valued and making a difference, clients are becoming more demanding and are 'calling the shots and, rightly, they want to see value and efficiency in the legal services they’re buying. They want solutions delivered promptly and on budget. They expect lawyers to use technology and a more collaborative approach in the way they work.'  She says that while lawyers will continue to be sought out for their judgment, their analytical skills and their legal knowledge, 'the skillset required of young legal professionals is a far cry from what was expected of the generations that preceded them.' 

Flexible careers

Ms Gordon said that firms need to 'foster an environment where flexible careers are welcome and collaborative skills can thrive. We need to enlist bright young minds in the service of better project management and technological solutions that serve client needs. Indeed, many of the solutions to the challenges facing law firms and legal departments are likely to come from this dialogue.' 

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