Law firms put legal departments under scrutiny

The good, the bad and the ugly: Law firms give their views on clients - the mistakes that legal departments are making and how they can form more beneficial relationships with external advisors.

Duncan Andison

How can in-house get the most out of their external advisors? What is going wrong in the way external counsel are selected, managed, rewarded? For the first time, research has been conducted with external lawyers around the world to ask what frustrates them about working with in-house counsel and will be revealed at this year's GC Futures Summit. What does good and bad practice look like? And what is the impact of management tools such as panels and AFAs?  Acritas surveyed its star lawyer database, which was created through nominations from in-house counsel and asked them to turn the tables – to give feedback on their clients. They were asked to consider what prevents them from doing the best possible job for their client’s organisations. Lisa Hart Shepherd will share the top-line findings with three top general counsel at GC Futures on 26 September.

Legal operations

The views of legal operators in law departments will also be canvassed as they give their views on how law departments will work in the future. Sophie Schwass, chief of staff of legal at Barclays Bank and Helen Clerkin, the chief operating officer for legal at Standard Chartered Bank will talk about their roles in legal operations and how they see legal services developing. For further information, contact [email protected].

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