Lawyers target refunds from corrupt Kenya politicians

A group of African lawyers is demanding that Kenyan politicians forced to resign positions they gained illegally should repay their salaries to the government.
Nairobi: Lawyers challenge politicians

Nairobi: Lawyers challenge politicians

The group -- led by the former chairman of now now-defunct committee of experts, Ekuru Aukot -- says that those who have been kicked out of their posts after being found guilty of election rigging should ‘should refund salaries earned when in office illegally’.

Millions to reclaim

According to the Business Daily Africa newspaper, from the 2007 general elections alone, only three out of 11 MPs who faced petitions were able to reclaim their seats by 2010. Kenyan MPs have monthly salaries of about Sh850,000 (£6,160). According to the report, millions could be reclaimed from former parliamentarians who lost in election petitions.

Hefty salaries

‘Leaders found guilty should not walk away with hefty salaries and allowances earned illegally,’ Mr Aukot told the newspaper.
East Africa Law Society President James Mwamu also called for stiffer punishment. ‘Rigging elections is a serious offence that elected leaders found guilty and lose seats should compensate tax payers,’ he said.

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