Lawyers urged to rise above US politics

The US Chief Justice John Roberts has asked the USA's lawyers to 'rise above particular partisan debates' and help the population maintain faith in the legal system.

Lawyers have been asked to help keep the population's faith in the legal system Orhan Cam

Addressing the American Bar Association (ABA) at a conference in Boston, he said: ‘We live in an era in which sharp partisan divides within our political branches have shaken public faith in government across the board. We in the judiciary must also look to the bar for broader assistance in maintaining the public's confidence in the integrity of our legal system.’

Problem solvers

As polls show that the public has a low opinion at the moment of both the president and Congress, the Chief Justice added: ‘Lawyers fulfill their professional calling to its fullest extent when they rise above particular partisan debates and participate as problem solvers, whether through the ABA’s committees, through pro bono work, through public service or simply by helping the public understand the nature of the role that courts play in civil life, a role distinct from that of the political branches.’ Source: Yahoo News

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