Lawyers' security meeting ends in scuffle

A meeting of the Lahore Bar Association to discuss security in the lower courts ended without a decision and after a scuffle broke out between two groups of lawyers.

Concerns of lower court security remain unresolved after lawyers interrupt a Lahore Bar Association meeting Lichtmeister

The meeting, at Aiwan-i-Adal, was in progress when three lawyers who had recently been suspended arrived, interrupted proceedings and demanded their practicing certificates back. They chanted slogans at the president of the association, Nauman Qureishi, after which a scuffle broke out and the meeting closed.

Metal detectors

The president told the Express Tribune that the meeting had been called after a threatening letter, apparently from the Taliban, had been received. Meanwhile the general secretary of the association had held a meeting with the police and a judge on the issue. The result of this meeting was that metal detectors, baggage scanners and gates would be introduced in the lower courts. At the same time, about 100 police would be put on duty at the courts.

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