Libyan lawyers demand cultural protection

A Libyan lawyers' association has called upon the country's government to find and bring to justice those responsible for the destruction of the Al-Andalusi Mausoleum in Tajoura.

Libya: lawyers call for cultural protection

Lawyers for Justice in Libya (LFJL) added that the government had an obligation to ‘protect the religious and cultural rights of the Libyan people’, reports the Libya Herald.

Bonb attack

Yesterday’s bomb attack on the 500-year-old Al-Andalusi Mausoleum - named after Sidi Mohamed Al-Andalusi and considered a national monument – left the building almost completely destroyed.
LFJL Director Elham Saudi said that the ‘trend of impunity’ connected to the destruction of cultural, religious, and historical heritage will only continue ‘if not properly addressed by the government’.
The association added that the government had to take all measures necessary to protect remaining religious and historical sites which may be vulnerable to attacks.

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