Lockerbie lawyer suggests A$10m target for MH17 plane families

A lawyer who helped negotiate the Lockerbie plane disaster compensation from Libya is suggesting that a united claim by all the families is likely to produce the best result in the loss of the Malaysian plane in the Ukraine.

A London law firm plans to action against Vladimir Putin Plavevski

Jerry Skinner, based in the US but a co-associate of Sydney firm LHD Lawyers, said: ‘Something creative is going to have to be done here because this is too big and too complicated for the judicial system to handle on its own and it involves people who will not yield to the judicial system, such as the Russians and the Ukrainians. What happened in Lockerbie was that politics got involved and sanctions got involved and we said to the Libyans, if you want to settle this, it doesn't matter what the individuals did [for a living].’


Meanwhile, London-based McCue and Partners is planning a multi-million pound suit against Russian president Vladimir Putin. A firm spokesman is quoted as saying: ‘There has been talk of civil suits against Malaysia Airlines, but those immediately responsible are not only the separatists who are alleged to have fired the rocket at Flight MH17, causing the death of hundreds of innocent victims, but those, be they states, individuals or other entities, who provided them with financial and material support and the means to do so.'

Stoking conflict

‘Our team is presently liaising and working with partners in Ukraine and the US on whether, apart from civil suits against the airline, legal action can be brought against the perpetrators on the victims’ behalf.’ The victims’ relatives will be asked to join the suit which will highlight the role of Russia in ‘stoking conflict’ in eastern Ukraine.Source: Sydney Morning Herald and Kyiv Post

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