London legal consultancy Prosperant helps launch new Hong Kong barristers set

Rede Chambers opens with 24 members from Sir Oswald Cheung's Chambers
The Court of Final Appeal Building also known as the Old Supreme Court Building in Hong Kong. Formerly housed the Supreme Court and the Legislative Council

Hong Kong's Court of Final Appeal Jack Hong; Shutterstock

London legal consultancy Prosperant has helped launch Rede Chambers, a new barristers set in Hong Kong.

Opening a new chambers is rare in Hong Kong’s legal market, with the Bar traditionally being more conservative in launching new ventures compared to local law firms.

The 24-member set – large by Hong Kong standards – provides legal services to Hong Kong and the Greater Bay region of mainland China. The set's members work in chancery law, complex financial and securities disputes, arbitration and regulatory disputes, among other areas. Rede's members all formerly practised at Sir Oswald Cheung's Chambers.

Martenstyn explained: "The Hong Kong and Greater Chinese market was crying out for a contemporary offering. First, we developed a business strategy, concentrating on core capabilities, propositions and characteristics, then extending that concept to include genuinely differentiating features. Concurrently, we built a timeline of actions to take us to launch."

“Second, we took the business concept and expressed it through an identity programme, from naming to logo design, then on to a broad range of marketing expressions on and offline. We also worked hard to get all of the operational frameworks ready for day one.”

Martenstyn said Prosperant would have an ongoing commitment to Rede in assisting with recruiting and retaining high-quality pupils and barristers while also coaching members and continuing to advise on practice development.

Co-head of chambers Horace Wong SC said that given Prosperant's experience, “Rede knew we could rely on their help to realise our vision”. 

He added the set trusted Prosperant to action an extensive to-do list to achieve a go-live date, saying, “Prosperant has been, and continues to be, Rede's enabler for continued success".

The launch builds on Martenstyn's leadership role with London and Singapore set 36 Stone, also delivered through a management arrangement with Prosperant. His replacement as senior clerk of 36 Stone was announced recently, with Fountain Court's Reiss Nott taking on the role.

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