01 Jun 2016

Majority of UK lawyers want to remain in the EU, poll finds

Vote Stay has the edge in the legal community as we move towards the Brexit referendum on 23 June - but not by much.

Evgeny Gromov

A recent poll conducted by legal recruitment specialist Douglas Scott asked 500 legal professionals, including 300 lawyers, whether or not they would vote for the UK to remain in the European Union in the upcoming referendum. It seems that a narrow majority of lawyers are pinning their hopes on a Brexit ‘failure to launch’, with 57 per cent saying that they will back the Vote Stay campaign. Just 35 per cent of the poll sample said they would be supporting Vote Leave, while a further 7 per cent remained undecided. Support for Vote Leave was stronger in Wales where 67 per cent of legal professionals are hoping for a Brexit, but weaker in Scotland, the South-West of England and London where Vote Stay is winning the support of 91 per cent, 77 per cent and 66 per cent of lawyers respectively.

Source: Legal Cheek