Needle Partners opens office in Kuala Lumpur

Leeds-based law firm Needle Partners has opened a new marketing office in Kuala Lumpur to promote its English law and white label service, called Needle Network.

Needle Partners: no intention to work on Malaysian legal matters

The Needle Network offering aims to provide Malaysian law firms a white label service so that they can outsource English law work to Needle. The firm, whose clientele includes Malaysian banks, corporations and private investors, is also looking to attract new clients with an interest in the UK market and provide a gateway for the firm’s British clients considering expanding their business to Southeast Asia. Jyo Pattis, a corporate lawyer who has previously worked for Needle in Leeds, will head the new office.

‘Serves and supports’

Managing partner Sharon Needle, who is qualified in both the UK and Malaysia, said: ‘While we could have simply opened an independent fully operational law firm there, we wanted to create an offering that serves and supports the Malaysian legal sector rather than competing with it. We appreciate that the Malaysian legal sector is highly sophisticated and does not need foreign law firms to compete with it. Through the Needle Network, we are able to help Malaysian law firms expand their services to their clients with interests in the UK. Needle Network also acts as a support platform for Malaysian businesses and private investors requiring legal services in the UK.’ Source: Needle

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