02 Mar 2015

Nemtsov's lawyer explains death of murdered politician

Vadim Prokhorov, lawyer to the family of assassinated Russian politician Boris Nemtsov, has revealed that the opposition leader received threats 'several months ago' and says his death might be connected to events in Ukraine.

Boris Nemtsov

A criminal investigation has been opened into the assassination of Mr Nemtsov near the Kremlin on Friday. In contradiction to a source from a law enforcement agency, Mr Prokhorov said: 'Several months before today, threats were made on social networks. We filed an application [with police] but there was no reaction...Let me underscore that this was several months ago.' Mr Prokhorov played an important role in clarifying what happened on Friday night - as the media gave out different reports at the time. He said: 'I’m standing on the bridge and looking at Nemtsov’s body on the ground. He’s definitely been killed.' 

Ukraine angle

The lawyer also gave a view as to why the politician was shot dead. He said: 'I'm sure that this has a political motive, and that the murder could have been committed by someone returning from the conflict zone in south-eastern Ukraine.' Sources: Russia beyond the headlinesBuzzFeed and EU Observer