On the road to Morocco

Dentons lauds its polycentric model against “colonial” and “hierarchical” approaches in Africa as it launches combination with leading law firm in Morocco.


The firm has combined with Morocco's Sayarh & Menjra, as a another step in strengthening the foundation for Dentons aim to become the first Pan-African law firm owned and controlled by Africans.

"Polycentric" approach

Dentons has launched the previously announced combination with a leading law firm in Morocco to further its growth strategy in Africa. Dentons argue the continent is “scarred by the legacy of colonial domination and in a market where the operations of every leading law firm are hierarchical,” in contrast to what Dentons calls its “unique polycentric and anti-colonial approach” which is “a stark differentiator, disrupting the traditional model for providing legal services in Africa.” Dentons' combination with Sayarh & Menjra in Morocco builds on Dentons’ strategy to become the first Pan-African law firm owned and controlled by Africans and positions Dentons as the largest global law firm in Morocco, connecting clients to top-tier legal talent in Africa and more than 10,000 lawyers around the globe. “We are building a Pan-African law firm through whole firm combinations of locally owned and controlled firms, that serve both local and global clients,” said Joe Andrew, Global Chair of Dentons.


“Our enhanced presence in Morocco is client driven and builds upon our strategy to become the first Pan-African law firm owned and controlled by Africans,” said Elliott Portnoy, Global CEO of Dentons. The new firm, to be known as Dentons Sayarh & Menjra, “is a firm built on a tradition of innovation and legal excellence and our new combination significantly enhances our client offering,” said Noor Kapdi, ceo of Dentons' Africa Region. “We are now one of the only firms capable of offering both legal advice and litigation services in Morocco as a Moroccan firm registered with the Casablanca Bar Council.” This combination builds on previous combinations in Kenya and Mauritius, and recently announced combinations in Angola, Mozambique, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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