Plaudits for Reynen Court beta launch

Five beta law firms and over ninety third-party application vendors go live with single platform for legal technology after twelve months of development.


Reynen Court has announced the Beta launch of its software platform designed to help law firms and legal departments speed adoption of AI and other new and existing technologies.

“Active deployment”

The platform combines a solution store for legal technology along with a control panel for law firms and legal departments to run applications either on-premises or within virtual private clouds.  The platform also enables firms to manage software subscriptions with enhanced interoperability between applications and provides usage monitoring and advanced application-specific metrics to aid in better predictability of IT software and infrastructure maintenance and expenditure. Reynen Court was established last year with broad support from a consortium of nineteen leading global law firms.  Guided by the consortium firms, four product managers and fourteen engineers have now designed and built the platform while more than ninety third-party application vendors have agreed to make their solutions available through the platform.  A team of domain and security experts has reviewed and tested vendors and applications and curated content for the solution store. “Following an intensive year of development, our platform is now ready for active deployment,” commented Andrew Klein, founder & CEO of Reynen Court. The first to support the Beta launch are Latham & Watkins and Clifford Chance, co-chairs of the consortium and investors in Reynen Court; Paul Weiss, vice chair of the consortium; White & Case; and Orrick.

Industry plaudits

Ken Heaps, chief information officer at Latham & Watkins, said “The company is firmly on track to deliver on its roadmap.” Paul Greenwood, chief information officer at Clifford Chance added, the development “truly highlights Reynen Court’s collective insight and ingenuity and which promises to deliver huge benefits to everyone engaged in the legal tech market.” White & Case chief information officer Tony Cordeiro explained, “The Beta release represents a first delivery on Reynen Court’s bold vision.” Wendy Butler Curtis, chief innovation officer at Orrick, enthused “We're excited to serve as launch partners for this transformational platform that will make it easier for clients and law firms to collaborate in using the exciting technologies on the market and under development today.” Michael Mills, co-founder and chief strategy officer of Neota Logic, one of the first containerized apps being deployed through the Reynen Court platform, said “Reynen Court and its consortium firms are leading the way to a profoundly productive advance in our profession’s use of technology.”

Beta test

In support of its Beta launches the company has launched a new website from which platform demos may be scheduled. The platform will also be on display at next week’s International Legal Technology Association conference being held in Orlando, Florida. As soon as the Beta launches are satisfactorily executed, Reynen Court plans to launch trials or full deployments later this year with additional firms including the fourteen additional members of its consortium as well as with corporate legal departments.

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