Prominent Muslim lawyer assassinated at Yangon airport

Thousands have gathered in Myanmar to mourn the death of high-profile lawyer and political advisor Ko Ni, who was shot dead outside Yangon airport on Sunday.


Ko Ni was an advisor to Myanmar’s ruling National League for Democracy party and a rare prominent Muslim in a country whose political and public sphere is dominated by those of the Buddhist faith. While no motivation for his assassination has yet been disclosed, the NLD has characterised the killing as an act of terrorism and a direct retaliation to NLD policies. Ko Ni was also a known critic of the growing power and influence of Myanmar’s military, and a frequent advocate for the country’s Muslim minority. ‘My father was often threatened and we were warned to be careful, but my father didn't accept that easily. He always did what he thought was right,’ said Ko Ni’s son, Yin Nwe Khine, of his father’s death. A taxi driver who attempted to pursue the gunman following the attack was also shot and killed at the airport.

Sources: BBC; Yahoo

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