Robot lawyer Lisa is 'Cool Vendor' for SMEs

Gartner has included Robot LISA in its latest list of cool vendors.

Willyam Bradberry

Robot Lawyer LISA is officially a ‘cool vendor’ having been included in the Gartner 2018 ‘Cool Vendors in Artificial Intelligence for Small and Midsize Businesses’ report. LISA has also been nominated for AI Company of the Year in the 2018 Canadian Fintech and AI Awards. So far, clients in 80 countries have availed of the skills of Robot Lawyer LISA to create legally binding documents.

How LISA works

Robot Lawyer LISA is an AI-powered contracts tool. The acronym “LISA” stands for legal intelligence support assistant. LISA is designed to aid entrepreneurs, real estate businesses and consumers. LISA enables users to design customised simple contracts in just a few minutes. The service offering gives estate agents, property portals and property platforms speedy contract execution solutions. LISA asks the users the questions typically asked by lawyers. LISA then assesses the legalities of both sides and recommends precise clauses and delivers a draft of a custom-made contract. LISA offers a contract property suite that currently includes lodger agreements, short- and long-term residential leases, and commercial leases. LISA also offers a non-disclosure agreements (NDA) tool.  

British pioneering spirit

Robot Lawyer LISA is a UK entreprise.  LISA is the brain-child of entrepreneur Chrissie Lightfoot, CEO and founder of AI Tech Support Ltd (trading as Robot Lawyer LISA). Chrissie Lightfoot is an Honorary Visiting Fellow at the University of Westminster and author of groundbreaking bestseller ‘The Naked Lawyer’. 

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