Romania sues law firm which helped it win dispute

The Romanian state has gone into battle with one of the country's top law firms.

State dispute Ewa Studio

The Authority of State Assets Management (AAA), is suing Musat & Asociatii over a legal dispute between the Romanian state and Noble Ventures.
The state is asking for compensation of  USD 8.7 million, according to Romania Insider. The law firm has described the case as ‘absurd’ and ‘absolutely unjustified.'

Litigation on the cards

The spat has arisen six years after Musat & Asociatii represented the state against US company Noble Ventures in a privatisation dispute which was adjudicated at the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) in Washington.

The law firm won the dispute for the state but costs were equally split between the two parties. The state spent USD 8.9 milion dollars whilst  Noble Ventures spent  USD 3.14 million.  Now the state is demanding USD 8.7 million, claiming that the law firm should have gone to court against Noble Ventures.


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