Romanian forger to give up legal practice

The former head of one of the largest Romanian law firms, Bostina & Asociatii, is to stop practising the law after a tumultuous year in which he was shopped by his wife, disbarred, sent to prison and released.

Bar Association in Bucharest Radu Bercan

Bostina & Asociatii has a team of 85 lawyers including 18 partners and has been run since June, when Doru Bostina stood down as the firm's head, by his father Gheorghe. In 2011, the firm had a turnover of €33 million, according to Romania Insider. Doru Bostina's problems date back to 2003 when, according to testimony from his former wife, he used fake documents to support a claim to own a building. He was ultimately sentenced to three months in jail. 

Disbarred, Doru Bostina is freshly out of jail but planning to focus on marketing and developing the firm as an alternative to continuing himself in traditional legal practice. He founded the firm in 1992 when he joined the Bucharest Bar.

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