South Africa drone laws will push all of Africa to forefront, says entrepreneur

Rules which come in on 1 July to permit drones will help to make Africa the world's biggest commercial operator and consumer 'within the next few years', according to Adam Rosman, founder of Aerial Monitoring Solutions.

Gil C

The aeronautical engineer - who worked on a committee with the South Africa Civil Aviation Authority to design the new framework - said: 'Everyone likes to knock South Africa and think we’re far behind in all things. The truth is that we are one of the most progressive countries in the world in this regard.'

Retail deliveries on the horizon

He continued: 'Are the rules that come into effect on July 1 perfect? No, far from it. But it is a good and necessary start. We have something to work with, and it is important to remember that.' South Africa is unusual in preparing to introduce rules to allow drones to fly beyond the visual line of sight (BVLOS) of the operator - a move which paves the way for retail delivery and long distance use of these Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. 

African countries preparing legislation

Mr Rosman concluded: 'Already a lot of African countries are interested in getting their own legislation in place and SA will be the hub that drives this.' 


The development of drone regulations, country by country, is one of the main themes of Robotics Law Journal, the new title being launched by The Global Legal Post next month. Source: BD Live

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