Spanish firm creates legaltech alliance

Urraza, Mendieta & Asociados agrees Visualiza Legal alliance, while tech firm sets up new educational collaboration.

Urraza, Mendieta & Associates

Technology firm Visualiza Legal has signed a collaboration agreement with criminal and family law specialists Urraza, Mendieta & Asociados.


The firms said the alliance brings mutual law and tech benefits to their respective clients. José Luis García Castañeda, director of Urraza, Mendieta & Associates in Madrid, said “The growing importance that new technologies have acquired in the market in the last decade requires ultra-specialised legal advice that we have found in Visualiza Legal.” Jaime Garrido, managing partner of Visualiza Legal, said “We consider this alliance very positive, since we now have a firm with a legal service of extraordinary quality, which is currently in demand and allows us to be able to attend the criminal and family matters of our clients.”

University collaboration

Visualize Legal has also joined in a collaborating with Nebrija University, integrating two members of the Firm to the list of professors : Juan José García-Andrade and Jaime Garrido. They will teach technology in legal management. Nebrija University is offering a program focused in technology in legal management, addressing e-commerce, legal tech, e-justice, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, smart contracts, virtual reality, drones, internet contracting, online advertising, signature electronics, electronic proof, intellectual property, industrial property, internet conflicts and unfair competition, among other matters.

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