Supreme Court to decide Argentina media battle

The Argentine Supreme Court decides next week on a long-running dispute between Grupo Clarín, the media group, and President Cristina Fernández and her government.

Buenos Aires: Argentinian media dispute will see a court ruling next week Evgeniya Uvarova

The court will rule on the constitutionality of three articles included in the country's 2009 media law, according to MercoPress, the South Atlantic news agency. The Clarín group is concerned that the law could be used to break up its strong marketplace position. Its allies are also worried that the law could be used to reduce freedom of expression. The group has been the leading media group in Argentina for 50 years and ran what was the most popular Spanish-speaking newspaper in the world. 

Sharing of wealth

The Guardian sees the battle as part of 'a trend in several South American countries' including Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador where 'governments…say they are trying redistribute access to information in much the same way as they have promised to share wealth more equitably'. This has brought them up against powerful media groups which have market shares as high as 80 per cent.

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