Thai government hires international legal expert to help law reform

A joint committee of private bodies working in tandem with government has hired foreign legal expert Scott Jacobs, president of Jacobs, Cordova & Associates to help the government's ongoing law reform plans.


Mr Jacobs is no stranger to such a task having worked for the South Korean government as its legal adviser helping reform several laws in the country. Law reform has been cited as a key part of the government’s critical reform effort to help the country improve existing laws and keep up with changes. Laws highlighted as needing reform include those for community forest management, land bank, national park management, community based justice and environmental impact asessment/environmental health impact assessment reforms.

Bureaucratic reform

Alongside those areas, the country is also seeking bureaucratic reform including the reform of concerned laws, bureaucratic criteria for assessment, bureaucratic personnel reform, bureaucratic efficiency, state budget and procurement, digital-based bureaucracy and public service facilitation by the state.

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