The Global Legal Post launches new edition of  luxury law comparative guide

Third edition edited by Fabrizio Jacobacci and Alan Behr is essential reading for luxury brands

Fabrizio Jacobacci (left) and Alan Behr

The Global Legal Post today launches the third edition of the Law Over Borders comparative guide to Luxury Law.

Edited by Fabrizio Jacobacci, senior founding partner of Milan-based Jacobacci, and Alan Behr, chairman of New York firm Phillips Nizer’s fashion practice, the guide features contributions from an array of leading firms.

It provides answers and insight into how luxury businesses can protect and grow their brands in a range of key jurisdictions.

Among the topics covered are the protection of intellectual property using trademark, copyright or design; privacy; product placement; and the protection of corporate image and reputation.

This edition also answers questions about new technologies and their impact on the luxury market.

The easy-to-use digital format allows readers to quickly assess how different jurisdictions tackle common issues by comparing contributing authors’ answers to a series of carefully framed questions.

The guide features a foreword by Sheila Henderson, chief intellectual property counsel at Richemont.

“Has there ever been a better or harder time to be an IP lawyer in the luxury goods business?” she asks.

“Whilst the NFT gold rush may have eased a little, we remain challenged by this new virtual world that our businesses and clients occupy. Today, we shift focus to the opportunities and challenges posed by artificial intelligence. More than ever, we need signposts, maps and good guides to help us navigate through these new, uncharted lands.”  

Jacobacci has written the Italian chapter while Behr contributes the US chapter along with IP partner Tod Melgar.

Other contributing firms include: McCullough Robertson (Australia), Jadong IP Law Firm (China), Taylor Wessing (Germany), Anand and Anand (India), Marks IP Law Firm (Japan), Sader & Associates (Lebanon), DZC (Mexico), Vondst Advocaten (Netherlands), Kim & Chang (South Korea), Jacobacci & Partners (Spain), Groth & Co (Sweden), TMP Intellectual Property (Thailand), Mamunya IP (Ukraine), and Edwin Coe (UK).  

Behr will launch the print version of the guide at Luxury Law Summit London, which takes place at the British Museum next Tuesday (11 June). Click here to read the guide online and here to order the print and pdf versions.

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