Tie-up keen to cater for UK-India corridor clients

India Law Alliance has tied up with UK-based law firm Harrison Clark Rickerbys to cater to their clients in the UK-India corridor.


Harrison Clark Rickerbys (HCR), a law firm based in the UK’s West Midlands, has entered into a collaboration agreement with boutique outfit India Law Alliance (ILA)  to meeting the needs of their clients in the UK-India corridor. The collaboration will be a non-exclusive relationship.


In a press release, Nicolas Groffman, an HCR partner, said that he was “keen to access new clients and profile in a territory, like India, that is increasingly becoming important for his clients. Adding local legal capability, in a swiftly emerging country, is imperative for full-service firms like ours with a robust domestic and international practice.” The firm is also keen for its Indian clients to tap into the available international expertise as a result of this collaboration. The two firms plan to co-host client events, conferences, and closed door knowledge management sessions, both in India and the UK. They will also aim to publish papers and literature focusing on doing business in the two countries. Further, they will aim to second their lawyers to the host jurisdiction, to sharpen their international legal acumen and understanding of foreign markets across all levels at both the firms.


The four-partner ILA, founded in 2004, has offices in Mumbai and Delhi. ILA primarily focuses on arbitration and dispute resolution, with additional expertise in bankruptcy and corporate commercial work. The firm's founding partner Anupam Dighe said that he is “looking forward to sharing professional best practices;” adding he is “also keen for his team of lawyers, to benefit from training programs to continue their legal education and international exposure.” The firms believe that the tie-up  will allow them to pitch for multijurisdictional transactions. Harrison Clark Rickerbys has five hubs across the world, and a network that reaches 80 countries.

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