Uganda hit by law firm mergers under pressure from international clients

ABMAK Associates, a mining specialist firm which was created out of a merger last year, expects the need for more sophisticated legal advice to increase as the country's oil and gas resources are more thoroughly exploited.

Uganda: a need for more sophisticated advice Niyazz

Dennis Kusasira, an ABMAK partner, reflecting on his firm's merger, said: 'As we move towards [oil and gas] production, there will be too much transaction happening in the oil and gas sector, and as such we will need tax law experts, which we now have.'

Reducing role for one-man bands

Francis Gimara, managing partner of Arcadia, another recently-merged practice, said: 'Under the [2010 East Africa Community Common Market] protocol, the legal business market will open up and such law firms [which have one or two lawyers] will be left with no option but being out-competed by law firms from Kenya.' His firm merged with the particular aim of strengthening the corporate and commercial side. He said: 'In less than two months since the merger was formed, the advantages are evident.' Source: All Africa

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