Virtual Court rooms take another step forward

RingCentral UK and Opus 2 have teamed up to deliver cloud communications solution for virtual courtrooms and case management.


Opus 2, the cloud-based litigation and legal transcript management software and services business, has selected RingCentral UK Rooms video conferencing solution to build its virtual courtroom offering and help manage cases worldwide.

Productivity drive

The firm says that by removing the need to bring witnesses to court in-person, legal firms can drive productivity, reduce costs, and manage sensitivities around court attendance. RingCentral Rooms is a next-generation, cloud-based video conferencing room solution, delivering HD video, audio, and web conferencing capabilities. It uses a web conferencing platform to connect meeting room hardware, such as screens, cameras, and speakers, with external and internal users, as well as with other conference rooms. This enables seamless participation with other participants joining from mobile phones, tablets, and desktops. The solution allows witnesses to make court appearances without attending in person. The solution also removes the need for the expensive proprietary hardware typical of traditional video conference room systems.

Mimicking legal teams

Dervis Kemal, head of IT at Opus 2, explained ‘a virtual courtroom is no longer a vision of the future. We’re working with legal teams around the world to deliver this environment on a daily basis.’ He said RingCentral’s technology was chosen for its ability ‘to stand up to the issue of low bandwidth which exists in many traditional courtrooms today.’ Opus 2 Magnum is a case management and trial presentation platform which enables legal teams to work collaboratively on document sets regardless of their physical location. All case documents and work products remain in one secure, central workspace, helping to deliver significant efficiencies and cost savings throughout the legal process. Designed for lawyers, Magnum’s interface has been developed to mimic how legal teams have traditionally worked with paper, making it easy to use and popular with legal professionals of all levels, from associates through to judges. Sahil Rekhi, managing director of EMEA at RingCentral, said ‘the company is taking a huge leap forward by adopting the latest technology for global growth in an industry that is traditionally known for its lack of innovation.’

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