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DLA Piper to crack down on slackers with 'red card' system

By Kathryn Higgins

16 September 2016 at 10:14 BST

Lawyers who don't log enough hours each day may find their quarterly drawings withheld under a new disciplinary system at DLA Piper.

Brian Jackson

Under the proposed ‘red card’ system, equity partners who fail to log at least seven-and-a-half work hours each day are going to feel the wrath of management right where it hurts most – in their bank accounts. Failing to hit the daily work quota may result in partners’ quarterly drawings being withheld by the firm, while partners who repeatedly fail to lodge timesheets with the minimum number of work hours may even have their monthly drawings reduced as a result of their ‘delinquent behaviour’, according to an exclusive report in The Lawyer. The changes are an update on a system introduced by DLA Piper in 2010 to ‘improve productivity’, which requires partners to account for how they use their time and punishes those who consistently miss work targets with sanctions.

Sources: The Lawyer; Legal Cheek; Bloomberg BNA


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