Lawyers not in favour of quotas, survey finds

By Victoria Basham

02 November 2015 at 10:01 BST

A study on gender bias in the legal industry by recruiter Cogence Search has found that lawyers are against the introduction of quotas as a means to solve the problem.


In response to the question of whether quotas should be introduced, 26 per cent said ‘definitely not’ and 30 per cent ‘probably not’.  Only nine per cent thought they should ‘definitely’ be brought in.

Possible solutions

Asked what should be done to reduce gender bias, suggestions included more flexible working and improved support for women returning to work after maternity leave, and greater transparency over pay and better work allocation.

One size does not fit all

Another respondent commented: ‘More honest conversations about ambitions so that managers know how best to assist with making the profession suitable for the career women want; not all women want to be partners and not all women want flexible working options. I think a lot of the initiatives at my firm are a bit ‘one size fits all women’ and make assumptions that don't apply to all women in the firm.’ Source: Cogence Search


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