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05 September 2012 at 18:49 BST

Nigeria lawyers demand higher professional standards

Nigerian lawyers need to wipe out corruption and up professional standards.

Nigeria ups its game

The Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) has launched a campaign up standards in the legal profession.The organisation said that impending globalisation was one reason why the practice of law in Nigeria needed to be more professional following best practices in the profession worldwide.

The judiciary also had to up its game and put an end to judicial corruption, the association said at its 52nd annual general meeting in Abuja. The pledge came in a 15 page letter to the legal profession which warned lawyers that “corruption in the judiciary equally connotes corruption by lawyers.”The move, reported in Vanguard, comes alongside the NBA’s criticism of the National Judicial Council (NJC) for failure to fight corruption.

The NBA called for judicial posts to be advertised to avoid nepotism and slammed lawyers who ambulance chase or argue their cases in the media.  It also said that the performance of judges should be monitored by the NJC whilst the “downward spiral in the quality of legal education offered by Nigerian universities, especially new institutions will no longer be tolerated and must be halted.”

The association also called for mandatory continuing legal education programmes and better scrutiny of applicants to the Nigerian Law School.


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