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Partners warned that firm-hopping could damage their CVs

By Neasa MacErlean

11 December 2015 at 09:06 BST

Partners who are seen to move too often could find that they become 'unattractive as a prospect' to other legal practices, according to Doron Paluch, legal recruitment expert and director at recruiter Burgess Paluch.

Constantin Stanciu

Australia-based Mr Paluch has seen lateral hire activity increase substantially in his 15 years in the business. He said: 'Every new employer wants to see stability in a CV. There is absolutely the risk of moving too often and if your CV has too many moves on it, you will become unattractive as a prospect.'

Two or three years minimum per firm

He gave an example of a partner who had been qualified 12 years and who had made five moves. Firms expect to see partners stay for 'at least' two or three years in firms, he added. He suggested that people can be viewed suspiciously even if the reason for moving is beyond their control - and is, for instance, due to family reasons. Source: Lawyers Weekly


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