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    The Panama Papers: One year on

    12 April 2017

    Has the net been tightened around the offshore world, asks Burford Capital director of asset recovery Daniel Hall.


    Hong Kong Competition Commission makes milestone decision

    10 April 2017

    The Hong Kong Competition Commission has made its first decision to commence infringement proceedings in the Competition Tribunal. Conor Quigley QC of Serle Court discusses the move.


    New opportunities for arbitration funding

    07 April 2017

    In recent months, the scope for using third party funding in arbitrations has expanded - arguably to the benefit of those who need it most, say Steven Friel and Charlie Morris.


    Understanding the directories

    19 October 2016

    From research to rankings, Reign Lee talks to the top directory teams about demystifying the process.


    CMS opens in Hong Kong through German arm

    01 September 2016

    CMS Hasche Sigle is opening an office in Hong Kong today, more than a decade after CMS Cameron McKenna axed its office there in 2003.

  • TAX

    Ireland could have the last laugh over Apple tax

    31 August 2016

    Ireland could have the last laugh following the EU's decision to force Apple to pay £11 billion in back taxes, says Tom Wesel of tax consultancy Milestone.

  • IRAN

    Iran gets ready for business

    21 June 2016

    Iran is back in the media again but this time it is for promoting business and attracting and welcoming foreign investors, says Shahrzad Atai who heads up Child & Child's Middle East practice.


    Creeping retirement age will frustrate young lawyers' partnership aspirations

    23 February 2016

    Changes to pensions and employment contracts will likely see partners staying put in their firm for longer, creating a traffic jam for younger lawyers on their way to the top.


    Fraud unravels all

    22 October 2015

    The recent Supreme Court judgement leaves nowhere to hide for spouses who fail to disclose their assets, says Ed Floyd of Penningtons Manches.


    Luxury is on the move - aspirationally

    21 July 2015

    The $450 billion luxury industry may be in a state of flux with mixed messages from China, but there was plenty of optimism at the Luxury Law Summit in London, reports Jonathan Ames.


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