10 October 2016

Aus lawyer beats Domino's in court

An Australian lawyer has defeated Domino's Pizza after the fast food giant failed to deliver his food and subsequently broke a promise for a full refund.

By Victoria Basham


 The Daily Telegraph reports that Domino’s has been ordered by Downing Central Local Court in Sydney to pay Tim Driscoll A$1,203.27 over a A$37.35 order that never arrived.
Mr Driscoll waited an hour for his order to arrive before calling the store, the manager of which apologised, said they were ‘inundated’ with orders and that the lawyer would instead get a refund.

‘Fobbed off’
But the refund also failed to arrive and after a year of being ‘fobbed off’ Mr Driscoll, who is a personal injury and workers compensation specialist, decided to take the company to court. He sued for $9,000 in damages for breach of contract.

Full apology

Domino’s did not attend court or defend the claim. The pizza giant labelled the court case a ‘waste of court time’ and said it would seek to have the judgment overturned, but has since issued a full apology and admitted it could have done more to deal with his complaint.

 Mr Driscoll said he has asked the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to look into possible consumer law breaches.

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