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Dentons agrees to train Ross the robot in legal research

By Neasa MacErlean

12 August 2015 at 06:48 BST

Dentons is one of a number of US-based law firms which have agreed to train a robot developed by the University of Toronto to carry out basic legal research, scanning documents and case law.

Dentons is using a robot for legal research in Canada Kirill__M

Like other more sophisticated robots, Ross takes feedback from his environment and becomes more effective by assimilating the feedback. Arthur Arruda, a student who developed the robot and who is now chief executive of Ross Intelligence, said: 'what we are seeing is Ross grasping and understanding legal concepts and learning based on the questions and also getting user feedback. … Just like a human, it’s getting its experience in a law firm and being able to learn and get better.' 

Bankruptcy law

Ross is now working in bankruptcy law, but the plan is to introduce him to other areas in future. Mr Arruda does not expect Ross to work on complex legal problems but expects him to be able to perform basic legal research more cost-effectively than human legal assistants.


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