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07 March 2017 at 09:12 BST

DocSolid announces technology integration with NetDocuments

DocSolid has announced the technology integration with NetDocuments in efforts to help legal operations and law firm customers drive paper out of their offices.


DocSolid, the leader in enterprise scanning, workflow and paper reduction solutions for the legal market has announced a strategic technology integration with NetDocuments, the leading SaaS document and email management (DMS) provider for law firms and corporate legal departments. DocSolid's KwikTag Legal® solution now enables NetDocuments customers to seamlessly transition from paper-dependent matter management to a fully electronic matter file in the NetDocuments DMS. This will allow firms to improve information governance and compliance while reducing the cost and risk of paper records. This solution will be offered in both licensed and subscription pricing models.

Business burden mitigation

The companies said that cost and risk of paper records are a severe business burden and that law firms, as a result, were migrating to a fully electronic matter file to improve efficiency and security for their clients, alleviate compliance and audit processes for the firm, and deliver increased mobility, collaboration and productivity for attorneys.

How it works

DocSolid's KwikTag Legal® scan capture solution operates from NetDocuments standard profiling screens to profile incoming paper documents, then bar codes the paper so that scanning and quality review can be conducted by support staff. The patented KwikTag Legal method ensures that all documents are captured and automatically stored in the proper NetDocuments matter, and enables confident, audited shredding through built-in, firm-wide quality controls for the operation.


NetDocuments is a market-leader in innovative document management technology, embraced broadly by law firms and corporate legal departments around the world. The NetDocuments SaaS model services law firms of all sizes for sophisticated email and digital records management with powerful security capabilities including two-factor authentication, ethical wall security, and built-in business continuity.


Travis Reed, Technology Partnership Program Director, explained that the move would be ‘incredibly valuable to our customers who want to drive paper out of their legal operations’.


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