16 March 2018 at 06:15 BST

LegalTech innovators should encourage transparency

Legal disruptors are carrying out research and development for the legal profession, a Chicago professor says.


A Chicago professor has challenged legal innovators to #MakeLawBetter by encouraging greater transparency to improve the sector. Dan Katz, associate professor and director of the Law Lab at Chicago-Kent College of Law, said that a number of companies were disrupting the legal market, including the Big Four accounting firms, legal technology companies and legal process outsourcing businesses. They were effectively doing research and development for the legal industry by providing process improvements and productised solutions, challenging a legal market that has traditionally centred on subject matter expertise and not business acumen and other service offerings. He urged companies to utilise open-sourced code which would allow a greater understanding of the tools - as his company, LegalPredict, was doing. This move would decrease the power of marketing material which often promoted technology that was more concept than reality, he said, speaking at the ABA TechShow in Chicago.


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