19 July 2017

Unhappy clients fail to complain about lawyers

Half of the clients who were dissatisfied with their legal representation did not complain or take any action, according to figures just published from the legal ombudsman.


Clients appear to be increasingly unhappy with their legal advisors but do little to voice their grievances, according to the research. However, the growing number of complaints could indicate little confidence in getting satisfaction by complaining -  only 44 per cent feeling confident that complaining about a lawyer was worthwhile, compared with 70 per cent in relation to poor service from supermarkets. Indeed,  complaining about banks and mobile phone companies than lawyers was seen to get better results.  ‘It is disappointing to see that people seem to have more confidence in complaining about poor service in supermarkets, banks and mobile phone companies than legal services,’ said Kathryn Stone, Chief Legal ombudsman. ‘Our new strategy has a focus on informing consumers as we want to increase the public’s understanding of how they can exercise their legal rights.’

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