Blogs - Page 6

US trial lawyer Reuben Guttman weighs in on the Supreme Court's deadlock in Rebecca Friedrich's lawsuit against the California Teachers Association.

Legal futurist Chrissie Lightfoot considers how developments in AI are changing the nature of the legal industry and the role of lawyers.

Chris Smith of Vannin Capital considers what can be learned from the decision of litigation funder Juridica to withhold new investments.

Prominent US trial lawyer Reuben Guttman shares his thoughts on the spectacle that is the US presidential election.

As European leaders meet in Brussels this week to debate Britain's future in the EU, Freshfields lawyer Andrew Marsh considers the topography of a post-Brexit landscape for law firms and their clients.

Chrissie Lightfoot considers how developing technology is meeting the needs of every aspect of legal services provision, and the challenges providers of such technology face from the legal industry.

Top trial lawyer Reuben Guttman considers the repercussions of the passing of legal heavyweight Antonin Scalia.

Top trial lawyer Reuben Guttman considers the use of emails and social media postings as evidence and how it is changing the nature, and possibly the outcome, of cases.

Will Moncrieff and Jamie Ogilvie of Perth-based law firm Jackson McDonald consider how 'backdoor listing' may provide an opportunity for companies struggling in a tough resources market to reinvent themselves and examine the regulatory landscape.

Becca Hogan and Abdulali Jiwaji of Signature Litigation consider what we're likely to see from the FCA's enforcement function under the leadership of chief executive Tracey McDermott and director of enforcement Mark Steward.

As debate in the US continues over mandatory arbitration clauses that have led to private adjudications, a new film focuses attention on the use of private forums and sealed proceedings to resolve matters of potential public importance.

In the last month, the Australian Federal Parliament has passed implementing legislation in relation to the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (CHAFTA). Luke Paterson and Tim Williams of Australian firm Jackson McDonald have the details.