12 March 2014

Rolls-Royce sets up bribery hotline

After a spate of allegations, the company has taken steps to deal with corruption concerns.

By Melissa Lesh


Rolls-Royce has set up a hotline for its employees to report bribery concerns the week that the SFO launched an investigation into claims of £48 million in kickbacks in India.  The company also announced the conclusion of a review by Lord Gold, a former Herbert Smith Freehill senior partner in its annual accounts. The company’s strong line on bribery comes on the back of a criminal investigation by the UK’s Serious Fraud Office on alleged bribes paid by the company in Indonesia and China. 
Under review
The company will operate the confidential 24 hour ‘ethics line’ across 48 countries.  The company has refused to say whether Lord Gold’s report will be publicised but the Peer’s brief to review the firm’s anti-bribery and compliance procedures, has seen more than 80 senior managers interviewed and sanctions proposed for breaches of serious non-compliance.  Source: The Guardian

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