15 Oct 2019

Arbitration in “dire” need of sharia expertise

Specialist arbitration course launched in Dubai as Islamic finance grows and industry responds to “dire need” of expertise.

Al-Hakam -The Judge, The Arbitrator - no.28 of 99 names of Allah. Shutterstock

The growth of the Islamic finance industry has led to addressing the “dire need” of the industry for competent arbitrators and experts aware of Sharia, legal and technical aspects of Islamic finance transactions.

Bridging the gap

IICRA, International Islamic Centre for Reconciliation and Arbitration, is introducing a specialized professional training program CIAE (Certified Islamic Arbitrator & Expert) to make Arbitrators and Experts more competent to bridge the gap in this field. The training program combines theory and practice in the tasks of both arbitrator and expert while settling the disputes of Islamic economy in compliance of Sharia Law through reconciliation and arbitration. The trainee will receive CIAE Certificate having thirty-two hours training classes over six consecutive days at the average of five hours daily, culminating in a two hour written and oral exam.


Specialist areas of knowledge will include introduction to arbitration in the light of the rules of international law and IICRA rules, examining Sharia standard No. 32 regarding arbitration, and stating the terms and conditions of registration for arbitrators, conciliators and experts while examining the professional and ethical norms of their duties. The training program will be held in IICRA headquarter in Dubai, UAE. However, IICRA is also providing the training close to the residence of the participants . The training program is available in three languages Arabic, English and French, though other official language may also be considered.