15 Jul 2013

Belarus Bar signs agreement with Italy

Lawyers from Belarus and Italy are co-operating on family law and individual rights under an agreement signed by the National Bar Association of Belarus and Italy's Studio Legale.

Minsk: Belarusian and Italian lawyers to cooperate on family law Mazzzur

The agreement allows  Belarus and Italy to share resources and work together on EU and Belarusian family law. According to NBA Chairman Viktor Chaichits: 'We will be working on the new proposals for the protection of the rights of minors.' 

Family law event

The contract will see the two countries working together to develop legislative acts and organising conferences and events. To this end, a seminar on family law in Minsk has been scheduled, which, according to Studio Legale’s President Isabella Cusanno, is designed to be ‘a step toward the development of a legal study, an in-depth analysis of comparative law and the practical beginning of mutual understanding and cooperation on topics of justice and legal reality’.