18 Jan 2013

Bookie-backed legal practice off to the races

A Leeds-based team of non-lawyers -- backed by the founder of betting exchange website Betfair -- announced its leap into the legal market yesterday.

A flutter on the 3.30 -- and a word about the divorce

The Law Gazette weekly newspaper reports that Matthew Briggs, the former chief executive Yorkshire-based personal injury specialist practice Minster Law, and one-time BSkyB director Jeremy Fenn will be joint managers of the firm, named Brilliant Law.

Good odds

English regulators approved the firm as an alternative business structure last month, says the report, with the practice gearing up to offer a fixed-fee service to small and medium-sized businesses and start-ups. Brilliant Law will run on a corporate rather than partnership structure.
Bert Black, who became a multi-millionaire through Betfair, is reported to have invested a seven-figure sum into the legal operation.
‘The firm is headed by a team renowned for challenging the markets within which they operate’, said Mr Briggs. ‘[Bert] has disrupted the gaming sector and has always had a view on legal services that they could and should be delivered in a more consumer-centric way.’