Cannabis lawyers poised to set up bar association

The National Cannabis Bar Association is to be launched at the end of this month with board members from six US states and an annual membership fee of $150.

An organisation has been set up for cannabis lawyers Mr. Green

The event is being hosted by Colorado law firm Vicente Sederberg which recently sponsored a chair in marijuana law. The aim of the new organisation is described as 'educating and connecting cannabis industry lawyers to promote excellent, ethical, and advanced legal assistance to this growing industry'. 

Wide array of businesses 

Founding president Shabnam Malek, a lawyer from Brand & Branch LLP in California, said: 'Today cannabis industry attorneys are already busy helping their clients form new companies, negotiate agreements, complete license applications, comply with local and state laws, protect assets and more. Our members represent clients who are involved in a wide array of activities in the cannabis industry along with various ancillary products and services. The NCBA’s role is to help ensure that attorneys in the field are empowered to do their jobs well.' 

Spreading across the US

There are 23 states in the US, as well as Washington DC, which have legalised cannabis to greater or lesser degrees. Source: NCBA

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