20 Feb 2015

Design team starts work on proposals for Saudi lawyers uniform

A team of academic staff and students at the Dar Al-Hekma University in Jeddah is working on the design of robes for male and female lawyers, clothes that will reflect the local climate and professional status of the wearer.

New designs for lawyers are being worked on in Jeddah Pincasso

The starting point has been research on gowns and other robes worn in other parts of the Middle East and in some Western countries. The robe design will also take into account issues such as religion and culture - and the chosen outfit will be shown to a committee of professional designers. 

Court clothes

As yet, it is unclear whether the resulting garb would be worn in court. But the Council of Saudi Chambers is in favour of a uniform and the National Commitee for Lawyers has called for the nominating of a formal vestment for lawyers working in court. Source: ArabNews