28 Aug 2013

Fixed price UK law firm to double in size

Riverview Law - the fixed price law firm which is challenging the traditional law firm model - is to planning to recruit 100 new people in order to double its size over the next year.

Liverpool: home of Riverview Kenny1

The Liverpool-based firm says that it has had a number of wins of leading household name clients from the FTSE 100. The firm was founded in February 2012, bringing in annual contracts, fixed fees and a team of in-house barristers. 

Chief executive Karl Chapman told The Liverpool Daily Post: 'Customers are no longer prepared to put up with an outdated hourly charging model and, rightly, are demanding more value from their lawyers.  Our exponential growth rates show that customers are voting with their wallets. The direction of travel for the legal market, and Riverview Law, is very clear and is the reason we’re keen to recruit so many people.'