20 Oct 2016

Law firm launches consultancy for fellow law firms

Hinshaw & Culbertson, which last year hired Dewey & LeBoeuf's former general counsel, is launching what may be the first practice aimed at consulting other law firms on managing their business.


The Chicago-based outfit already advises law firms on legal ethics and compliance issues and is launching a practice aimed at helping law firms avoid crises, implement succession planning and advise on full-fledged mergers.

Charging per project

Leading the group is Donald L. Mrozek, who decided to launch the consulting arm, called Consultants and Coaches for the Profession Practice, after stepping down as the firm’s chair 15 months ago. He envisions charging on a project basis rather than a success fee basis like other industry consultants, as in some cases “maybe the best advice you can give is, ‘Don’t go forward.'”

Other members of the consulting arm include partners Anthony E. Davis and J. Richard Supple Jr., as well as former Dewey & LeBoeuf GC Janis M. Meyer. Ms Meyer told Big Law Business that she has been advising clients, including other law firms, on both ethics and management issues since joining Hinshaw in January 2015.

$225 million in revenue

The firm ranked as the 130th largest grossing law firm in 2015, according to The American Lawyer, with $225 million in revenue and around 500 lawyers across 25 offices. 

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