16 Apr 2015

Law firms expected to come under client pressure on data breach disclosures

General counsel are expected to push for better standards of cyber security in law firms - as the risks they are exposed to when passing documents between them are likely to increase, according to Mitratech.

Jason Parkman, chief executive officer of Mitratech, said: ‘The relationship between corporate counsel and outside law firms is changing in a way that is only going to increase the risk and vulnerabilities. A lot of corporations are looking to decrease the number of law firms they use, using technology to make outside firms feel like a virtual internal team. That will only increase the flow of information between corporate counsel and outside law firms.’

Corporate counsel in command

As a result, he believes that general counsel or regulators will up their requirements as to disclosure of breaches, audits and other checks. ‘Corporate counsel are going to dictate what they want in terms of disclosures of breaches,’ he said. Mitratech runs cost management and other IT services for law departments. Source: Mitratech

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